We help pave
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through education abroad.

ACI is first of it's kind in Ethiopia, offering services that would get you to your dream school.

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Welcome to Admissions Counseling Inc.

We offer varity of services
that will meet your needs through your application process.

Trusted Name

One of the most trusted agencies in Ethiopia, and around the world.

Fully personalized counseling

Our counseling service is fully personalized and uniquely tailored to you.

Varying services with different prices

ACI offers variety of services meeting your different needs at different prices, with the goal of making education abroad accessible to all of you.

Affordable premium package

We at ACI focus on making our premium package where we fully process your application affordable for as many of you as possible, so we made our prices about half of the price other agencies offer in Ethiopia.


ACI is the first of it's kinda in Ethiopia to offer support on the college application process to top universities around the world like UPenn, our workshops is one of the methods we use to share detailed information on the process.

ACI virtual presence

We at ACI choose to use every opportunity our world offers us at this technological times, we decided to use this digital presence to expand our services and support we provide; from our free information sessions to our podcasts.

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Admission Counseling Inc. was formed by group students at different areas so that we can help you through different areas. We have students who went through the process of applying to Canada, another through the process of applying to the United States, Students who went through the United World College application process, and many more.



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" I finally want to say that the course was helpful. It helps me a lot for my UWC application. I want to thank the course providers for providing such a wonderful course. Thank you!! "

Abdi Diro

" I absolutely loved it! It was amazing even though it didn’t last long i loved ever part of the course. "

Hawi Megersa


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